Hanako is the female child of Mothra and is used by SuperNerd.


Hanako resembles the SOS Mothra Imago suit because I think it's the best representation of the character yet. (Not too mention she is the daughter of the SOS Mothra).



Hanako is the daughter of Mothra, and used to stay with her mother all the time. Hanako was a symbol of peace among human kind, as she used to aid in the fights against enemy kaiju. That all changed.




  • Lightning Bolt
  • Poison Scales
  • Psychokinesis
  • Antenna Beam
  • Mirror Scales


  • This Kaiju, much like Gorilla, is a loophole. Gorilla is just King Kong but from a different series, using the same suit and powers minus the name, Hanako is just Mothra but it's one of her offspring, meaning it will turn into an Imago and I can basically use Mothra.
  • This loophole was figured out by KoopaGalaxain, Cdrzillafanon, and Scoobydooman90001. Thanks guys.
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